àlá means dream in the Yoruba language

Ted Oladele
2 min readJan 22, 2022

My very ridiculous dream is set in my estate. And I am not a character in this dream, it felt like I was watching a movie. Here goes…

My estate was a military Barack and 2 generals were fighting inside an office while a junior officer (a woman) was standing with her hands behind her, staring with a blank face, there was nothing she could do.

They were fighting about a dangerous weapon or equipment(not sure). They kept hitting and stabbing each other.

They took the fight into the bathroom with increased intensity until only one came out alive….it was the “bad” general that came out alive!

The babe ran as fast her legs could go, to get the weapon/equipment. She told her mum who seemed to be living with her daughter in the barracks where she was taking it to. It gets interesting because the stupid mum went to tell the general.

She took it to the very top of one of the blocks of flats in the estate(barracks). She locked the door behind her.

The general couldn’t get access when he got to the building. The babe was at the top already, de-activating/dismantling the equipment.

The only way the general could get up was to climb the walls with the aid of some weak iron bars. This caught the attention of a lot of soldiers who now gathered around to watch him climb as they cheer him on. He almost got to the top when one of the iron bars broke!!

He fell to his death!

The end LMAO