Why did you change your name? Ted?

Ted Oladele
1 min readJan 7, 2022

I don’t have any deep reason. The most common assumption is that I changed my name to be more globally acceptable. Most people can easily pronounce Tobi, that’s definitely not why.

It’s always been a nickname. The origin of the name “Ted” for me was in high school. I played around with acronyms a lot. Through out high school my nickname was Teod, pronounced “Tea-odd”

T — Tobi (Full name is Oluwatobi — God is mighty or Big)

E — Elijah (The man of Fire in the bible)

O — Olaiya (Because of my Mum)

D — Damilare (Full name is Oluwadamilare — God favoured me)

Pronunciation of the name above is weird man so my kid brother(Emmanuel) and I removed Olaiya from it. Everyone can pronounce Ted. The name stuck through out my 2 years at Yaba college of technology. Everyone calls me Ted now and I love it.

I officially made Ted my first name a month ago. Fulfilling a long time dream lmao. Anyways it’s nothing deep as you can see.

It’s 2022, my name is Ted and I am pleased to meet you.